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Our credit repair specialists will work tirelessly to remove inaccurate, negative, and unsubstantiated information hurting your credit score. If your credit report contains multiple errors or issues, the process can become overwhelmingly complex and time-consuming. 

Let our credit pros save you the time and headaches of dealing with the dispute process. Challenging negative items often involves many rounds of paperwork with your creditors and the major credit bureaus, time most hard-working consumers don’t have. That’s where a credit repair company can help.

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How Credit Repair Works

Each client credit report is unique and requires individual evaluation and handling. However, these are the typical steps involved in the credit repair process:

Credit Report Analysis

The first step to credit repair is analyzing your credit report from Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. This gives us an overall picture of your credit history and health, and allows us to quickly identify any red flags in your report that appear inaccurate or reported in error. From here, we develop a custom-tailored plan to begin restoring your credit.

Disputing and Challenging Negative Items

After identifying potentially removable items, we begin the dispute process. We send multiple letters to the credit bureaus and your creditors requesting verification and proof of any negative items listed on your credit report. If they cannot do so we ask for immediate removal from your report. In some cases, we may need to escalate the dispute process.

Case Escalation

Some items on your credit report may require additional challenging. If a creditor or credit bureau tells us an item is verified, we respond requesting new information to verify the debt was reported correctly and according to credit reporting laws. 

Credit Monitoring and Score Improvement

The last step of the process is actually an ongoing step. While we are disputing and removing negative items hurting your credit, we consistently monitor your report to ensure said items are removed timely and your credit score sees steady improvement. We monitor your report for any new red flags and make recommendations to ensure consist credit health.

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Types of Negative Items on Your Credit Report

While every report has different remarks, debts, charge-offs, and more, these are some of the most common items we challenge and dispute.

Credit Inquiries

Inquiries can hurt your score if your report contains a high number in a short amount of time. We analyze and verify all inquiries on your report are valid and accurate. If they appear inaccurate, we fight for their immediate removal.

Inaccurate Accounts

Creditors have a strict procedure to follow when reporting items to your credit report. If the process is not followed, you’re entitled to have these accounts removed from your report. Reporting errors are some of the most common items we come across when repairing credit.

Delinquencies and Derogatory Remarks

Just as your accounts must be reported correctly, any delinquencies or derogatory remarks must be reported without error. Removal of these items can have a significant improvement on your credit. 

Collections Accounts

When an old debt is sold off to a collection agency, these companies often fail to report the account correctly on your credit report. We’re able to challenge quickly and remove most of these and see improvement in your score.

Should You Hire a Credit Repair Company?

The decision to work with a credit repair specialist must be made carefully. Many companies that ask for up-front payment or promise timelines that sound too good to be true. These are usually scam websites or companies that fail to take the proper credit repair steps, wasting more of your time and money.

We have been improving the credit of clients in city, state since 1990 and are experts in consumer law and credit reporting standards.

We offer a free initial evaluation of your credit reports and analysis of negative items. Our service is affordable and we will work with every client to develop a payment plan that fits their budget.

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